Civil Engineering for Construction

Our Diploma in Civil Engineering for Construction offers a gateway to a dynamic and fulfilling career in this continually evolving sector. This comprehensive program covers fundamental topics such as English, Computer skills, and Mathematics. Trainees will develop practical expertise in Applied Drafting (CAD), Surveying, OHSA regulations, and Construction Materials. Furthermore, it incorporates specialized subjects including Construction Technology, OHSA, Land Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Electric, Carpentry, Plumbing and various others. Emphasizing English proficiency and project management, the program readies trainees for impactful careers. Hands-on experience is provided through Applied Skills and Project Design Capstones.
Offered at: All campuses – NCA Riyadh & NCA Qasim

Occupational Health & Safety Administration

Our Diploma in OHSA covers essential topics related to occupational safety and health. From English, Mathematics and Computer Literacy to First Aid and Risk Assessment, trainees will acquire practical skills crucial for maintaining workplace safety. Customized modules in Emergency Response, Environmental Audit, and Risk Management provide participants with the essential tools to effectively handle real-world situations.
Offered at: NCA Riyadh Campus

Supply Chain Management

Our Diploma in Supply Chain Management covers fundamental subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Computer Literacy. Trainees will acquire hands-on expertise in Safety & Health alongside crucial elements of supply chain operations, including Design Strategy, Scheduling Techniques, Purchasing, Warehousing & Inventory, and Transport Planning. Additionally, the curriculum delves into Digital Supply Chain, Global Logistics, Sustainability & Regulations, and introduces Performance Management.
Offered at: NCA Riyadh Campus